"She’s a tough lady in a tough situation making tough decisions. Toughly." 

Mike Laidlaw


Was there ever a father who loved his daughter more than Ned loved Arya???

  • he was the only one to tell her she was pretty (him and Jon Snow sometimes)
  • he let her keep her sword ~in defiance of convention~
  • he took it one step further, gifted her waterdancing lessons with a man whose valuable lessons saved her life and gave her courage later on
  • he was the only one to comfort her and tell her she wasn’t at fault for what happened to Mycah
  • he even gave her comfort from beyond the grave, reminding her of her own strength
  • he instilled within her values like loyalty to family, to their people, pack mentality, caring for the smallfolk, doling out northern justice like a true Stark, etc.

I mean, say what you want about Ned’s parenting skills, but he was an amazing father to Arya, someone who showed her unconditional love and support in a society that tried its damndest to make her feel like she was an oddity. And I think that’s remarkable.  

make me choose: anon asked: the red wedding or the purple wedding?

War is war, but killing a man at a wedding…



literally in exactly one month those of us in north america will be getting ready to head out for dragon age: inquisition to pick it up at midnight. exactly one month from right now it will begin. only one month left you guys holy



{Female Character Meme} || A female character screwed over by canon

Catelyn Stark || Game of Thrones

Daenerys Fan Challenge: [Day 4] Favorite Location → The Dothraki Sea
∟ Beneath them, the plain stretched out immense and empty, a vast flat expanse that reached to the distant horizon and beyond. It was a sea, Dany thought. Past here, there were no hills, no mountains, no trees nor cities nor roads, only the endless grasses, the tall blades rippling like waves when the winds blew. “It’s so green,” she said.

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